UBEL DTP is running a placement scheme in collaboration with British Future and the Education Endowment Foundation. In 2024 both organisations will be offering 2 placements specifically to UBEL DTP students.

Each 3 month placement will provide a student with the opportunity to develop their skills outside of an academic context and gain industry experience. 

The placement opportunities are available to all UBEL DTP students; successful applicants will continue to receive their stipend for the duration of the placement and funding end dates and thesis submission dates will be extended to accommodate any time away from your research project.

British Future is a UK-based think tank and registered charity whose stated aim is to advance the education of the public in the subjects of equality and diversity, human rights, racial and cultural harmony, citizenship and social inclusion. 

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and education achievement. We do this by supporting schools, nurseries and colleges to improve teaching and learning for two- to 19-year-olds through better use of evidence.

How to apply:

Students can apply for the opportunities via the link below. Each applicant will need to complete a preliminary form and upload a CV, supporting statement and evidence of supervisory support. Each organisation will interview a shortlist of candidates following the deadline. 

Deadline to apply is 5th January 2024 (23.59)