Difficult Language Training and Overseas Fieldwork

Overseas fieldwork and Difficult Language Training are two different activities, and can be undertaken separately. However, they may overlap, if for example, you are going to undertake language lessons in the field. 

Overseas Fieldwork

Who can apply
  • The DTP has limited funds available for fieldwork and will prioritise applications from students who indicated that they would be undertaking overseas fieldwork on their original studentship application. 
  • Only one application for overseas fieldwork funding may be made during the lifetime of your award.  
Funding Rates
  • Students in receipt of overseas fieldwork funding do not have their studentship award extended.
  • Funding is intended as a contribution towards fieldwork costs and is not intended to cover the full amount.
  • Students will be required to provide receipts of any expenditure and any overpayments should be repaid to the DTP budget.
  • Check the Country funding rates: UBEL Schedule of Funding Rates. Please note: applications for fieldwork must detail all proposed expenses, before the funding is approved. The DTP will usually consider costs up to £3000, but in exceptional circumstances will consider costs up to £4000. 
Before you apply

Please read carefully the guidance notes in the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide.

Travel advice
  • You are strongly advised not to make any training or travel plans before being advised of the outcome of your application. 

Difficult Language Training 

Who can apply
  • Claims may not be made during the Masters element of your award. 
  • Doctoral students who have followed a pre-described Master’s course are expected to have already made some degree of language progress and may therefore apply for a maximum of six months’ extension.  
Length of extension
  • Up to one extra year’s extra support may be considered if a student needs to develop difficult language skills in order to carry out their research
  • The length of the extension depends on the language, see here the full list of the language groups and potential extensions
Before you apply

Please read carefully the guidance notes in the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide.

N.B. If you are applying for overseas fieldwork funding only, please note that the the difficult language training form is optional and can therefore be left blank (and vice versa). You can view a copy of the application form below: