Rotation Activity

Guidance for current students:

One aim of the UBEL DTP is to ensure that our breadth, in terms of disciplinary expertise, research methods and learning environments, is maximised to provide you with additional learning opportunities that may not otherwise be available. To that end, we have made a commitment to the ESRC that each of you, as DTP students, will spend a period of extended engagement with an academic department other than your ‘home’ department, preferably with one of the DTP institutions other than your ‘home’ institution. Exceptionally, that engagement might take place outside the DTP institutions, e.g. within a department of another nearby university within commuting distance if not within London. The extended engagement can encompass a wide range of possible activities within the UK, such as a research placement or participation in an on-going seminar series, for example. There is potentially a small amount of funding available to cover second class train travel, if required, however as rotation takes place alongside normal doctoral studies it cannot involve extended, or overseas, travel. We are happy for you to be inventive, and explore possibilities that will benefit you and your research, as well as building wider links.

Your selected activity should be approved by your supervisors and recorded with your UBEL Pathway Lead. Your activity should be agreed and recorded with your Pathway Leads by the end of your first year with all activities underway by the end of the first term of your second year.

You can find a full list of DTP institutions here: