Risk, disaster and resilience studies

Pathway Leader:

Mark Pelling mark.pelling@ucl.ac.uk

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Training Routes

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Risk, Disaster and Resilience Studies


Risk, Disaster and Resilience Studies





This is a new UBEL pathway in a field that is highly interdisciplinary, with social scientists working with the arts and humanities, engineering, natural and medical sciences and the global North and South on projects that include fieldwork-intensive research co-produced with research users. This enables an understanding of hazard and vulnerability and for behavioural and institutional change to support resilience, enabling students to work across disciplinary boundaries.

The pathway links to multiple others in UBEL, engaging with policy and working with governments, trade unions, international organisations and global social movements. Centres include Gender Studies; Development, Environment and Policy; Sustainable Finance; Food Studies; Water and Development; African Studies; and SOAS South Asia Institute.


Studentship Competitions

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