Law, Socio-legal studies and Criminology

Pathway Leader:

Bernard Keenan

Nimer Sultany

Laura-Stella Enchong

Philippe Cullet


Prospective candidates can contact the pathway leader or team members for further information.

Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway. 

ESRC studentships at the UBEL DTP are structured around the following routes: 1+3, +3, 2+3 and +4 funding. Please note that not all routes are available in all institutions or pathways. Click here for further information on funding routes. 

PathwayInstitutionTraining Route (1+3)(2+3)(+3)
Law, Socio-legal studies and CriminologyBirkbeckSocio-legal studiesx x
Law, Socio-legal studies and CriminologyBirkbeckCrimiologyx x
Law, Socio-legal studies and CriminologySOASLawx x

The pathway involves two institutions with areas of strength in environment, sustainability and law, transitional justice and international humanitarian law, environmental law, technology law, activism, critical race, gender, anarchism, political economy, postcolonialism, critical legal and criminological theory, human rights, law and humanities, policy practice and activism, and regulation, risk and surveillance.

In this interdisciplinary field, there are strong synergies with work undertaken in other UBEL pathways (e.g., international development, race and racialisation) and groups (e.g., Digital footprints, environments and global development; and Diversity, communities, countries and economies), through connections with queer theory, postcolonial studies, race, gender, and political economy.

Research Centres include Law and the Humanities; Research on Race and Law; Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research; and a new centre on law and political economy is being established. The pathway also works with partners in institutions across the UK and internationally and has good relationships with practitioners and policy makers, including the UN Development Programme, UN Office for Drugs and Crime and World Food Programme.

Studentship Competitions

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