Health and Wellbeing

Pathway Leader:

Andrew Hutchings

Jonathan Smith

Prospective candidates can contact the pathway leader or team members for further information.

Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway.  

ESRC studentships at the UBEL DTP are structured around the following routes: 1+3, +3, 2+3 and +4 funding. Please note that not all routes are available in all institutions or pathways. Click here for further information on funding routes. 

Pathway Institution Training Route  (1+3) (2+3) (+3) (+4)
Health and Wellbeing LSHTM Social science approaches to public health and health services research x   x  
Health and Wellbeing LSHTM Health Economics x   x  
Health and Wellbeing Birkbeck Psychological approaches to health and wellbeing x   x  

The pathway involves two institutions; the work is highly interdisciplinary and offers multiple interactions with other UBEL pathways and groups, with disciplines outside the core remit including history, medical humanities, epidemiology, experiential psychology, neuroscience and public health medicine. Much of the work has an international focus, drawing on collaborations and networks with academic institutions, health services, international health organisations and local NGOs, as well as the MRC units in Uganda and The Gambia.

Research Centres supporting the work of the pathway include Data and statistical science for health (DASH, LSHTM) which includes the Centre for Statistical Methodology; Interpretative phenomenological analysis research group (Birkbeck); Centre for Wellbeing, Community and Inclusion (UEL). Together these centres provide students access to excellence data science and an experiential qualitative approach, speaking to the ESRC priority of enhancing data skills and enhanced quantitative methods.

LSHTM is part of the European observatory on health systems and policies (hosted by WHO with 17 partners including LSE, Health Foundation, WHO European Region, European Commission and governments). The Observatory brings together different policy perspectives to identify what health systems and policies evidence Europe’s decision makers need. The Observatory generates and shares the evidence acting as a knowledge broker and bridging the gap between academia and practice.


Studentship Competitions

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