Biosocial Research

Pathway Leader:

Yvonne Kelly

Anne Mcmunn

Prospective candidates can contact the pathway leader or team members for further information.

Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway.  

ESRC studentships at the UBEL DTP are structured around the following routes: 1+3, +3, 2+3 and +4 funding. Please note that not all routes are available in all institutions or pathways. Click here for further information on funding routes. 

Pathway Institution Training Route  (1+3) (2+3) (+3) (+4)
Biosocial Research UCL Biosocial Research      x

This new UBEL pathway includes one institution with world-leading expertise on biosocial research, with many links to UBEL groups and pathways, including anthropology, brain sciences, economics and biosciences. It receives significant ESRC investment and is relevant to ESRC priorities, including advanced quantitative methods, biosocial research, longitudinal and lifecourse studies.

This new pathway builds on the successful ESRC-BBSRC CDT and supports students to develop skills to understand how social environments, biology and behaviours intersect to influence health and functioning within a lifecourse framework. The pathway offers leadership in lifecourse research, social epidemiology, neuroscience, ageing, genomics, innovation in advanced analytic methods, psychobiology and works with a number of UCL-based birth cohort and longitudinal studies.

Studentship Competitions

UBEL offers fully funded and co-funded ESRC studentships. Follow link below to discover current opportunities.