Becka Hudson


About me: I am Becka, a creative producer, organiser and writer from London. Til now my work has focused on political campaigns around issues as diverse as housing, imprisonment, youth participation in politics. I also work freelance as a writer and creative producer – in this line of work I have written plays, TV series, articles for popular press and often produce events and creative projects, most often with unsigned artists.

My research looks at something which has been of abiding interest throughout my work: why are people with personality disorder diagnoses so over-represented in UK prisons? By spending time in the UK court system and with people diagnoses with PD, I intend to answer how the process of criminalisation happens and what a PD diagnosis comes to mean and ‘do’ in the British criminal justice system. The point of this research is to contribute to understanding about the everyday texture of how psychiatric and criminal justice interact to shape people’s lives and society at large.

Supervisors: Professor Roland Littlewood and Dr Rachael Dobson 


Pathway: Law, Socio-legal Studies and Criminology

Location: UCL Anthropology Department

Tel: +44(0)7805209989