Accounting and Finance

Pathway Leader:

Emmanuel Mamatzaki

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Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway.  

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PathwayInstitutionTraining Route (1+3)(2+3)(+3)(+4)
Accounting and FinanceBirkbeckAccounting and Financex x 

This new UBEL pathway enhances, promotes, disseminates and develops research on key themes in accounting and finance that encompass accounting, economic, finance, political, law and institutional theory. These include: auditing, taxation, earnings management, sustainable accounting and finance, household finance, classification shifting, financial forecasting, banking, monetary policy, efficiency measurement, informal institutions, corruption, law enforcement, institutional accountability, public finance management, economic governance, accounting and financial regulation, public policy, comparative labour and taxation economics and politics, international and comparative political economy and regulatory law.

The pathway offers technical, quantitative content alongside more technical accounting and finance training that develop students’ ability to apply data analytics and technology to accounting and finance practices and real-world examples. It links with other UBEL pathways, such as International Development and the Digital Footprints, Environment and Global Development group.

The Birkbeck Institute of Data Analytics is a forum for interdisciplinary research in digital technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence and data science and will provide exposure to the technological frontier and training on the opportunities that AI and data science promise. The Institute has CDT support to facilitate knowledge exchange, identify collaborative research opportunities, create professional networks, and develop relevant skillsets.

Studentship Competitions

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