Pathway Leader:

Michael Thomas

Team members:

Jeremy Skipper

Sam Wass

Prospective candidates can contact the pathway leader or team members for further information.

Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway.  

ESRC studentships at the UBEL DTP are structured around the following routes: 1+3, +3, 2+3 and +4 funding. Please note that not all routes are available in all institutions or pathways. Click here for further information on funding routes. 

InstitutionTraining Route (1+3)(2+3)(+3)Notes
BirkbeckCognitive Neurosciencex x 
BirkbeckComputational Modellingx x 
BirkbeckOccupational and Organisational Psychologyx x*links to Health and Wellbeing pathway
BirkbeckDecision and Cognitive Sciences x x 
BirkbeckSocial Psychology  x 
BirkbeckPsychology and Social Change  x 
UCLClinical and Health Pyschologyx x 
UCLCognitive Neurosciencex x 
UCLDeafness and Sign Languagexxx 
UCLDecision and Cognitive Sciences x x 
UCLSocial Psychology  x 
UCLPsychology and Social Change  x 
UCL Occupational and Organisational Technologyx x 
UELClinical and Health Pyschologyx x 
UELOccupational and Organisational Technologyx x 
UELPsychology and Social Change  x 

This pathway includes researchers from three institutions, with a pocket of excellence at UEL. It links with UBEL pathways in the health, resilience, well-being and welfare group and the Institute of Neurology. It aligns with ESRC priorities in health and social care; and understanding behaviour.

State-of the art facilities include: anechoic recording; audiometric listening room; audio-visual recording studio; 3D movement measurement; EEG recording of brain activity; software to analyse speech acoustics and articulation; BabyLab; toddler lab; eye movement recording; dedicated MRI scanner; animal lab for behavioural/physiological studies; transcranial brain stimulation; near-infrared spectroscopy; psychophysiological recordings; magnetoencephalography recording; transcranial Doppler lab.

Studentship Competitions

UBEL offers fully funded and co-funded ESRC studentships. Follow link below to discover current opportunities.