International Institutional Visit (IIV)

Who can apply

The application can provide for up to three separate OIVs to the same host organisation during your studentship, as long as the total period of the visits does not exceed 13 weeks.

The IIV must be related to the completion of your PhD, and must involve visiting a Higher Education institution, or an organisation with a substantive research reputation, and be based outside of the UK.

For more details on Eligibility criteria, please read UBEL DTP International Institutional Visit 2023 Summer Guidance Notes.

How to apply

Students can apply for this scheme via Survey Monkey Apply.  Please refer to the guidance notes in the section above. 

The summer scheme will open on Tuesday 9th May and close on Friday 30th June 2023.


Funding Available


There are three elements to the IIV funding:

  • An extension to the studentship (equal to the period of time spent on the IIV); 
  • A Front-end amount (The Front end element depends on the country to which you are travelling and the rates are published in the UBEL DTP Schedule of Funding Rates. This sum is designed to be used as a contribution toward initial flights and accommodation costs) For funding rates please refer to UBEL DTP Schedule of Funding Rates
  • A weekly cost element (The costs element is paid at a flat rate of £70 per week).

Successful applicants in receipt of a Full Award will receive a paid extension to their studentship (stipend and tuition fees) equal to the period of time spent on the IIV, an extension to their thesis submission date equal to the period of time spent on the IIV, plus the costs element.

For example, a successful IIV application for two separate visits to an organisation in France totalling six weeks:

Front end amount                   £510
Costs element (£70×6)           £420

Total                                        £930

You would continue to receive your stipend while on the Visit(s) and your tuition fees would be paid.

The award would be extended by six weeks in total (therefore, a submission date of 30 September 2023 would be extended to 14 November 2023) and you would receive your stipend during this extension.