Science, Technology, Prosperity and Innovation

Pathway Leader:

Brian Balmer

Arthur Petersen

Team members:

Joshua Ryan-Collins

Nikolay Mintchev

Helen Lawton-Smith

Prospective candidates can contact the pathway leader or team members for further information.

Training Routes

See table below for training routes and institutions available for this pathway.  

ESRC studentships at the UBEL DTP are structured around the following routes: 1+3, +3, 2+3 and +4 funding. Please note that not all routes are available in all institutions or pathways. Click here for further information on funding routes. 

PathwayInstitutionTraining Route (1+3)(2+3)(+3)(+4)
Science, Technology, Prosperity and InnovationUCL Science and Technology Studiesx x 
Science, Technology, Prosperity and InnovationUCLScience, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP)   x
Science, Technology, Prosperity and InnovationUCLGlobal Prosperityx x 
Science, Technology, Prosperity and InnovationUCLInnovation and Public Policyx x 
Science, Technology, Prosperity and InnovationBirkbeckEntrepreneurshipx x 

The pathway is highly interdisciplinary, spanning social and natural sciences, arts and humanities, and engineering.  The departments that contribute to the pathway all seek to solve global, real-world challenges and problems and to design new context-specific modes of governance. The Science and Technology Studies, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy training routes focus on the role of science and technology in society.  The pathway addresses the ESRC politics and governance priority, interacts with multiple UBEL pathways and groups and has extensive international partnerships.

Studentship Competitions

UBEL offers fully funded and co-funded ESRC studentships. Follow link below to discover current opportunities.