Race and Racialisation

Pathway Leader:

Kalpana Wilson k.wilson@bbk.ac.uk

Tariq Jazeel  t.jazeel@ucl.ac.uk

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Training Routes

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Training Route




Race and Racialisation


Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity




Race and Racialisation


Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies




This new UBEL pathway covers two institutions (Birkbeck: Geography, Sociology; UCL: Sarah Parker Remond Centre for the Study of Racism and Racialisation), with future scope to include other UBEL partners.


The pathway is interdisciplinary with interests in the complex legacies of race-thinking and the continuing effects of racialised inequalities in the structure and practices of society, government, political economy, law, arts, technology, culture, and science across different scales. Potential supervisors also make connections with Environmental Sciences, Global Development, and Gender and Sexualities, for example through work on global racial capitalism and imperialism, migration and diasporas, plantation ecologies, climate justice and intersections of race and gender. They have extensive international research and international collaborations spanning the Global South and Global North including Africa, South Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe and North America, and have strategic partnerships with leading museums, arts institutions, advocacy organisations and other institutions.


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