OLIve – the Open Learning Initiative needs mentors!

OLIve – the Open Learning Initiative – helps people from refugee backgrounds find out about and if appropriate to apply to UK universities. It’s been running since 2016. UBEL students began helping out as mentors for OLIve students last year. 

Mentors work with a small number of OLIve students to advise them on their UCAS and Sanctuary Scholarship applications.  Most of this work is online, though we will also have a few in-person meetings in London, Manchester and Bristol.

We are currently looking for online mentors for some of last year’s OLIve students who still want help with their UCAS personal statements and scholarship applications.  We’re also looking for mentors to do similar work with students from the OLIve course running, online, from mid-January-March 2023, in partnership with the national NGO, Refugee Education UK. 

Mentors’ time commitment is around an hour a week. There’s some initial training, and ongoing supervision. If you might be interested, please contact ubel-dtp@ucl.ac.uk .