Sidra Ahmed (2018 Cohort)

About Me: My background is in Human Geography. I have a BA in Geography and a MSc in Urban Studies from UCL.

My Research: This project responds to a dramatic upward growth in cities over the last decade and a global boom in skyscraper construction. Urban life is increasingly located high above the ground with skyscrapers becoming more than just a home to offices by featuring restaurants, viewing platforms, hotels, apartments and much more. However, research has been slow to respond to the way urban experiences have become increasingly vertical. In particular there is very little that considers the way skyscraper interiors are designed, managed and experienced at a variety of heights and across different urban settings. This project will highlight the way in which contemporary cities are increasingly viewed from inside these new vertical spaces using case study skyscrapers in London and other global cities.

The difference my research makes: Findings from this research will contribute to highlighting the value of conducting comparative urban research on an international scale. This project will also provide a lens for examining the link between urban verticality and everyday life across various global urban contexts.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Harris and Dr Claire Melhuish
Pathway: Urban Studies, Transport & Architectural Space