Martina Fisk (2018 Cohort)


About me: After completing a BSc in Geography at Freie Universität Berlin I earned an interdisciplinary MA on climate change from Columbia University in New York City and a MSc in Science and Technology Studies from University College London. With my PhD project I am returning to geography bringing with me new ideas and skills that are informing my interdisciplinary project at the intersection of political geography and science studies.

The difference my research makes: In my PhD research I analyse the political, historical, and practical factors that affect the production of national CO2 emission numbers which are compiled in so called greenhouse gas inventories. I am investigating how international guidance on the appropriate measuring methodology is agreed upon and how it is implemented by different national governments. Furthermore, I look at how these inventories function as a tool for the creation of atmospheric state territory.

Even though CO2 emissions measurements underlie all domestic and international climate policy making and are the foundation for most solutions to the challenge of anthropogenic climate change we know very little about how these numbers are produced. My project will help to address this knowledge gap while also developing more general insights into how scientific knowledge is used to solve global environmental problems and to govern the increasing number of non-surface bound territories (e.g. cyberspace, high oceans, outer space).

Supervisor: Dr Alan Ingram

Pathway: Human Geography

Location: UCL Department of Geography 


Twitter: @MartinaFisk