Maddy Pearson (2018 Cohort)

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About me: I have a background in social anthropology, focusing on ethnographic study and advanced theory during my undergraduate training before gravitating towards anthropology and development for my MSc degree. Both my degrees took place at the LSE in London where I lived for a number of years. Between my studies I lived in North-West Thailand and worked with a development focused charity which oriented my interest towards health and its social determinants in LMIC settings.

Since my degree I have been working as a research assistant at the LSHTM with the anthropology of AMR group, looking at awareness of AMR and the contextual variables that affect practices of antibiotic prescribing and dispensing by healthcare professionals in LMIC settings. This work has taken place in London with some incredibly interesting fieldwork trips to Uganda and Thailand. The content of this work and the stimulating conversations that have surrounded it have heavily influenced the PhD project I am now undertaking.

My research: My PhD project works to establish an alternative approach to AMR, hygiene and sanitation by exploring through the case of water management in Thailand what a ‘living with’ version of hygiene and sanitation might look like.

It will work to understand how people manage water systems and how this reflects understandings of hygiene, from both an historical and classificatory systems perspective. From here, it will wonder what alternative possibilities could exist for understanding water, hygiene and sanitation, such as a ‘living with’ approach, which could challenge the existing binary conceptions of human, microbe relations. It wonders how such an approach might de-moralise and democratise concepts of hygiene and sanitation and what this could mean for the way AMR is perceived and responded to.

Supervisors: Dr. Clare Chandler, Dr. Coll Hutchison



Pathway: Health and Wellbeing

Location: Anthropology of AMR Group, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


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