K Roberts


About me: My background is in mental health within both research and clinical settings and I have extensive experience of working with children and young people across different settings. I hold a BSc in Psychology and Sociology from Brunel University and an MSc in Applied Mental Health Research from King’s College London. Through these experiences I have been very fortunate to be exposed to a large portfolio of projects including both quantitative and qualitative research. Topics of such research include: mental health, HIV/AIDS, family, violence and community. Mental health is an ongoing issue of concern, with widespread implications for individuals and society inclusive of consequences for health systems, the workforce and the economy on a global scale. I am particularly passionate about developing impactful research at a policy level to promote improved outcomes across multiple generations.

My research: My research explores mental health in adolescent pregnancy and HIV, focusing on adolescent mothers (HIV-infected/affected) and their children in South Africa. The PhD forms part of a wider longitudinal study, led by Prof. Lucie Cluver and Dr. Elona Toska, designed to understand the complexity of structural and individual factors contributing to the experience of adolescents and their children. This study will include 700 adolescent parents and child dyads.

The difference this research makes: This research focuses on underserved issues regarding adolescents, HIV and maternal mental health and the specific challenges associated with such phenomena in combination, particularly with regard to teenage pregnancy. Additionally, this research focuses on the next generation encountering HIV and potential cross generational effects. This study aims to adjust the current dialogue to ensure that this group are included; aims to inform policy and scalable provision to promote improved outcomes across multiple generations.

Supervisors: Prof Lorraine Sherr and Dr Colette Smith

Selected publications:

  • Sherr, L., Roberts, K.J., Mebrahtu, H., Tomlinson, M., Skeen, S. & Cluver, L.D. (2018) The impact of cash grant receipt and good parenting on child nutrition outcomes in South Africa and Malawi. Maternal and Child Nutrition, [Submitted].
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Pathway: International Development

Location: UCL Institute for Global Health

Email: k.roberts@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @K_J_Rob