Jialan Hong


About me: I am a qualified dentist. I hold a MSc in International Health from the University of Leeds and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Fujian Medical University, China. My research interests lie in the area of dental public health with a focus on determinants of oral health among older people and children, which were developed from my previous clinical and research experience at universities, hospitals and charity organisations in both China and UK.

My research title is ‘The association between social circumstances over the life course and oral health amongst older Chinese adults. My research aims to explore associations between social determinants and oral health outcomes across the life course among Chinese older adults by analysing the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS). Oral diseases, including tooth decay and gum diseases, are the most common diseases globally, affecting 60% of the world’s population. Oral diseases have significant negative impact on quality of life, incurring heavy costs to both the individual and society. The world population is ageing rapidly with growing health-related needs, in particular in the world’s most populous country, China. Accordingly, understanding oral health determinants among Chinese older adults is critical to promote healthy ageing and reduce the global burden of oral diseases.

The difference my research makes: My research is expected to highlight in detail the mechanisms and pathways between social circumstances and subsequent oral health, and understand the relationship between oral health and healthy longevity. By elucidating the social determinants of oral health, my research will provide stakeholders with the evidence to supporting and improving people’s oral health and wellbeing as they grow older.

Supervisors: Professor Richard Watt, Professor Georgios Tsakos, Dr Anja Heilmann


Pathway: Life Course and Social Epidemiology

Location: UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

Email: Jialan.hong.17@ucl.ac.uk