Jessica Rees (2018 Cohort)

Jessica Rees

About me: I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Masters in Psychological Sciences, where my research focused on the adjustment to chronic illness. At the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, I worked in collaboration with UCL as both a Research Assistant in the digital innovation team trialling apps designed to improve wellbeing, and as an Assistant Psychologist developing and evaluating the Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner Programme.

 My research: My PhD focuses on people with dementia and long term conditions which are common is older people such as diabetes, arthritis or hypertension. I am interested in how primary care professionals can support people living with dementia manage their physical health through widening social and care networks. My PhD aims to co-produce a resource to improve primary care through understanding how people with cognitive impairments can best be supported to manage their physical health.

 The difference my research will make: Approximately 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK, and this is expected to increase to over one million by 2025. As part of a larger project with the Alzheimer’s Society, my PhD aims to increase independence for people with dementia and their families. I have a strong interest in health psychology as physical wellbeing is a key determinant for quality of life and independence. There is currently a dearth of evidence on how care planning for long term conditions is different, and needs to be modified in the context of dementia. This will make a difference as personalised care planning is an NHS priority leading to improved health and self-management.

 Supervisors: Prof Claudia Cooper and Prof Kate Walters

Selected publications:

  • Rees, Chilcot, Donnellen & Soulsby (2018). Exploring the Nature of Illness Perception in People with End-Stage Kidney Disease. Journal of Renal Care, 44 (1), 19-29. DOI: 10.1111/jorc.12225
  • Edbrooke-Childs, Smith, Rees, Edridge, Calderon, Saunders, Wolpert, Deighton. (2017). Cluster Randomised Control Trial of Rezone: Helping Young People to Self-manage when Feeling Overwhelmed. JMIR Research Protocols, 6(11):e213. DOI: 10.2196/resprot.7019

Pathway: Mental Health and Mental Health Care

Location: UCL Division of Psychiatry