About me: I was born and raised in North-West London and took my undergraduate degree at UCL, in BA Geography with Quantitative Methods. Throughout my degree, I grew a passion for utilising data as it allows for an empirical understanding of real-world issues. The use of data analysis to understand and tackle issues with evidence-based solutions is what I am most interested in.

My Research: There is now an abundance of data capturing human behaviour within cities. For my PhD, I will be working with real-time data sources including traffic sensors, travel card usage and social media postings to better understand the dynamics, flows and mobility of people around cities. The initial task will be to analyse the utility of this new data source, in the form of a live feed, and explore the avenues for which it can be used to make evidence-based decisions and ‘smarter cities’.

The difference my research makes: I will create new urban mobility models to understand the vast amount of diverse, detailed data now being produced by citizens, corporations and public institutions. Currently, analysis of this kind of new data are underdeveloped and underutilised. My research aims to change this by investigating the use of live data forms and exploring new methods of its analysis. I will show that quantitative methods can be used to design solutions to improve the environment and our quality of life. Not only in London, but around the world. Understanding the new forms of data is the key to evidence-based decisions making improved choices, and it is my hope that this research will help to shape the way that cities operate and find solutions for a better way of life.

 Supervisor: Dr James Cheshire

 Pathway: Human Geography

 Location: UCL Department of Geography