James Shraiky (2018 Cohort)

james shraiky

About me: My background includes areas of leadership for global and interprofessional programs that encompass, design, nursing, medicine, public policy, and social sciences. Before coming to UCL, I was the Director of Interprofessional Health Design Initiative and a Professor of Design at Arizona State University, USA. My recent work has included researching high child mortality rates in Central Africa, exploring questions of conflict, violence, and international development for Syrian refugees in Greece and Turkey, and redefining education in Haiti and the initial work on a health sciences campus in Port-Au-Prince.  I researched and implemented over 50 health, policy, pedagogical, and design projects worldwide, in Congo, Rwanda, Australia, Poland, Syria, Turkey as well as North America.

My research: My project reimagines refugee camps as spaces for prosperity where refugees may thrive beyond surviving. I will be critiquing the assumptions regarding refugee camps spatiality, roles and functions in comparison to camp-resident perspectives. This includes exploring refugees’ intimate and everyday spatialities in The Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon. The research questions interrogate the identify of camps as a complex city system and explore prosperity concepts as documented by refugees. The design for this study is qualitative descriptive (QD) with a directed content analysis approach. The sample for this study will include one hundred refugees over the age of 18 years and who have resided in the camp for at least five years and are fluent in Arabic or English. I will be asking camp residents to photograph intimate details of everyday living and how they practice prosperity concepts within camp spatialities.

The difference my research makes: The bottom-up approach for my research gives a voice to refugees’ practices in camps while providing the empirical path to use their ideologies as an impetus for policy change around camp designs and operations. By giving voices to refugees and creating a foundation for potential policy changes, the outcome of this project may pave the way for improving the quality of lives for refugees in camps as well as inform the building of better encampment environments. Ultimately, I plan on creating a design toolkit for refugee camps spaces and operation.

Supervisors: Prof Nick Tyler and Dr Christopher Harker

Selected Publications:

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Pathway: Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space

Location: UCL, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Tel: +44(0)744 6848648

Email: james.shraiky.18@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @james_shraiky

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