Jakub Wyszomierski (2019 Cohort)



About me:  Education: I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland from where I moved to UCL to do my undergraduate degree in BA Human Geography with Quantitative Methods. Throughout my studies I have developed my interest in cartography and data analysis by discovering how the interplay of these two fields of knowledge can be used to solve real-world problems at both local and global scales.

My research: Geo demographic classification is a powerful tool of studying neighbourhoods based on their structure and character. For my PhD, I will study the structure of existing geo demographic classifications (2011 and 2001 Output Area Classifications) to devise suitably adjusted software to create the 2021 OAC when the 2021 small area Census statistics become available. Importantly, I will also focus on how administrative data can be used to support and supplement census outputs. This will allow to develop methods for regularly updating Output Area Classifications. Finally, the research will use consumer data to characterise the overall activity patterns associated with neighbourhoods, and their inter relatedness with workplace zone geographies.

Supervisors: Professor Paul Longley, Professor James Cheshire, Dr Chris Gale

Pathways: Cities, Environment and Development: Human Geography

Location: UCL Department of Geography

Email: jakub.wyszomierski.16@ucl.ac.uk