Matthew Van Poortvliet


About me: I started my PhD in January 2017. I’m studying part-time whilst working for the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), a charity focused on helping schools improve outcomes for disadvantaged children. My role at EEF focuses on managing RCTs and developing guidance for schools on early years education, non-cognitive skills, and parental engagement. Prior to joining EEF in 2013, I worked for charity consultancy and think tank, NPC, where I published research on child mental health, youth offending and early intervention.

The difference my research makes: My PhD research is focused on the role of non-cognitive skills in shaping children’s academic outcomes, and aims to assess the long-term outcomes of children in EEF trials. I am also doing initial analysis on the Millennium Cohort Study to look at the contribution of such skills to achievement gaps. My aim is that this research project would provide new insights on children’s social and emotional development, and would contribute to guidance for schools and policy in this area.

Supervisors: Professor Alissa Goodman and Dr Lindsey Macmillan

Pathway: Education

Location: UCL, Institute of Education