Alice Finden


About me: I am a PhD candidate at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS. I have a background in Arabic and French, and Gender studies and Law. I am very interested in exploring alternative, critical methodologies and ways of knowing and producing knowledge. My project interrogates the relationship between gender and the racialised underpinnings of counter extremism work in both policy and practical implementation in the UK and Egypt. I will look at how counter extremism legislation – in both jurisdictions – is implemented in ways that persecute and endanger certain gendered bodies that are also considered by the state to be racialised, “noncitizens” and/or terrorists. I am also exploring the ways that access to public space is influenced by this legislation through queer antiracist feminist and reflexive experiential methods and methodologies. I intend for my research to be presented and carried out as a co-production of knowledge that will continue to be useful for activists and campaigners working outside, inside or alongside the university.

Supervisors: Dr Gina Heathcote

Selected publications:

Pathway: Gender and Sexuality

Location: Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London