The Social Processes, Relations and Policy grouping comprises six disciplinary pathways: Education, Gender and Sexuality, Psychosocial Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Social Policy, and Sociology.

Use the links below to view profiles of our current students:

Gemma Gronland (2017 Cohort)
We are not asking you to spy, but look out for troubling behaviour’; White Teacher Responses to Prevent
Dr Farid Panjwani
Karen Lillie (2017 Cohort)
Citizens of the world as Citizens of Nowhere? Students’ Narratives of National Belonging in an Economically Elite Transnational Educational Space
Dr Claire Maxwell
Arran Magee (2017 Cohort)
Critical Peace Education in the Context of Forced Migration: A Case Study of Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan
Prof Elaine Unterhalter
Angelique Mulholland (2018 Cohort)
Opportunities for change? An exploration of the masculinities and capabilities of men in prison and the effectiveness of educational interventions
Prof Jenny Parkes
Matthew Van Poortvliet (2017 Cohort)
The role of social and emotional skills in narrowing the gap: To what extent can interventions targeting social and emotional skills improve education
Prof Alissa Goodman
Sally Holt (2018 Cohort)
School-University Partnerships within the North East
Dr Rachel Wilde
Gender and Sexuality
Alice Finden (2017 Cohort)
An interrogation in the gender effects of the racialisation of counter extremism policy in the UK and Egypt
Dr Gina Heathcote
Diego Garcia Rodriguez (2017 Cohort)
Queering Islam: LGBT emancipation through Muslim faith in Indonesia
Dr Richard Mole
Aydan Greatrick (2018 Cohort)
Queer Identities in Conflict: Responses to and Experiences of Sexual Minority Refugees from Syria in Lebanon and Germany
Dr Richard Mole
To be updated Dr Ruba Salih


Psychosocial Studies
Hannah Reeves (2018 Cohort)
Affective Cartographies: Mapping the artistic-bodies of Southwark’s Outcast Dead
Dr Margarita Palacios
Science and Technology Studies
Jack Davey (2018 Cohort) Dr Jack Stilgoe
Elena Falco (2018 Cohort)
How can we foster good practices in crowdsourced knowledge-production?
Dr Jack Stilgoe
Social Policy
Chris Dyke (2018 Cohort)
Decision-making in child protection and public protection around perpetrators of domestic abuse, in London and South-East England
Dr Carol Rivas
Danilo Di Emedio (2017 Cohort)
Academic achievement in UK Education policy and young people’s mental health: a school-based ethnography in London
Dr Georges Reniers