Christopher Rickard

About me: Kit is a first-year PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Science. His doctoral study focuses on how external states affect civil wars, with a specific focus on how diverging forms of external support shape conflict dynamics. More broadly, he is interested in war history, civil wars, counterinsurgency, EU foreign policy, conflict resolution and international development.

He holds an MSc in Security Studies from UCL and a BA in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and spent a year abroad studying at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He has worked in non-governmental organisations and media platforms in Berlin and Brussels. Before starting his PhD, Kit worked in the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission, where he was involved with H2020 project management, H2020 evaluations and the European security industry.

Supervisors: Dr Kristin Bakke and Dr Nils Metternich.

Pathway: Politics and International Relations

Location: UCL School of Public Policy

Department profile: Christopher (Kit) Rickard


Twitter: @KitRickard