Peter Browning


About me: I hold a BA (hons) degree in Multilingual Studies (French, Spanish, Italian) from Royal Holloway, University of London, and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

 My research : My current research is born out of the confluence of my academic and professional trajectories, specifically from my time working as an English language teacher in Colombia. My research draws on critical sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology to explore the discursive construction of English as a foreign language in Colombia, paying particular attention to the role it is given in building the ‘modern Colombian state’. I explore these discourses as they are produced, circulated and inscribed in a foreign language teacher training programme.

The different my research makes: As Colombia enters a ‘post-conflict era’ and power becomes dislocated from its traditional centres, my research interrogates the ways in which these struggles for power can be identified elsewhere and how they are played out on the terrain of language teacher education, thus opening up the possibility for fresh discussions about the role of English in Colombia and contributing to ongoing conversations in Applied Linguistics about language, education and power.

Supervisors: Dr Miguel Pérez Milans & Dr Alfonso Del Percio

Pathway; Department of Communication, Culture and Media Centre for Applied Linguistics

Location: UCL Institute of Education


T: @p_c_browning