About me:I graduated from the University of Athens with a First Class BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2015. During that time I worked as an Assistant Psychologist in the Child and Adolescence Mental Health Services for young people and parents in Greece. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Child Development at UCL IOE in 2016, and now, thanks to the ESRC, I am undertaking my doctoral studies again in the Department of Psychology and Human Development at UCL IOE. Parallel to my PhD studies, I am working as a recurrent Research Assistant on projects that focus on the prospective relationships between air pollution, inflammation and mental health and cognition.

My research: My PhD investigates the effect of inflammation on the relationship between socioeconomic disadvantage and cognition. To explore this, I will use longitudinal data from a large UK birth cohort study, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). Inflammation is thought of as the body’s primary response to physical injury or infection, and evidence has shown that socio-economic disadvantage can trigger significant increases in inflammatory activity and ‘get under the skin’.

Supervisors: Prof Eirini Flouri and Dr. Emily Midouhas


DOI 10. 1016/j.intell.2018.03.002

DOI 10.1016/j.envres.2017.11.026

Pathway: Psychology

Location: UCL, Institute of Education

Email: dora.kokosi.15@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @dora_kokosi