Terje Trasberg

About me: My educational background is in Geography and Geographic Information Science, which is a field of study focusing on analysing information based on its location on earth or its locational attributes (e.g. postcode). After receiving my undergraduate degree from the University of Salzburg (Austria), I spent a year in New York attending an internship at United Nations Cartographic Department. After my year in the USA, I moved back home to Estonia where I gained industry experience working as a spatial data specialist. After my short but intense few years in private sector, I decided to go back to studying and pursue a career in the academia. So, I moved to London to attend MSc program in Geospatial Analysis at UCL, which lead to a PhD opportunity.

My research: My current research at UCL, Geography Department is about Consumer Data Analysis. I study pedestrian flows in retail areas and profitability of retail locations. In simple terms, my work aims to answer the following questions: How much do pedestrian flows in front of a retail unit drive its sales? Where are the most profitable retail locations in the UK?. The broader aim of this work is to understand the retail locations dynamics in the UK and provide retailers academic support in site selection processes.

Supervisor: Dr James Cheshire and Professor Paul Longley

Pathway: Human Geography

Location: UCL Department of Geography

Email: terje.trasberg.15@ucl.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Terje Trasberg

Twitter: @terjetrasberg