Evelina Gambino

About me: I am a PhD student in the Geography Department at UCL, my current project focuses on the New Silk Road and the logistics revolution in Georgia that I analyse as a discursive and material formation. My current research spans across the fields of critical logistics, critical geopolitics, urban struggles and the anthropology and geography of infrastructure.

I hold a BA and MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London. Starting from my ethnographic training, my research is concerned with developing critical and collaborative field methodologies.

I am committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Before the beginning of my PhD I have been involved in a number of collaborative research projects, including the militant research collective Collettivo RicercAzione who sought to question the boundaries between researchers and research as well as the distinction between critique and activism.

Supervisors: Professor Andrew Barry and Dr Hannah Knox

Selected Publications:

Pathway: Human Geography

Location: UCL Department of Geography

Email: evelina.gambino.17@ucl.ac.uk