ESRC studentships are open to all UK applicants.

Applicants are also eligible for a studentship if they have been an ordinary resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the studentship grant. For instance, if the applicant applies for a studentship to start in October 2020, they must have resided in the UK since October 2017. Please note: if you are from an EU-country, these three years may include time spent studying however if  you arefrom outside the EU (international), these three years cannot include time spent studying at a Higher Education institution.

If you are an applicant from an EU-country and do not meet the residency requirements, you may apply for a “fees-only” studentship. These studentships will only pay the tuition fees for the studentship and will not pay a stipend.

The DTP also has a small number of full award studentships (tuition fee and stipend) on offer for international and EU students who do not meet the residency requirements and are applying for training in Advanced Quantitative Methods.

For more details, please read the ESRC Residential Guidelines.

Brexit and the impact on student finance

EU nationals  remain eligible to apply for an ESRC studentship for 2020 entry. To apply for a full studentship, EU nationals must still have been resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the studentship.


A Masters is not a prerequisite for studying at the UBEL DTP. A range of training programmes is available based on an assessment of the applicant’s prior learning and training needs, including a combination of masters and doctoral study (the ‘1+3’ model) for those without postgraduate qualifications.  All studentships are offered on a full or part time basis.

The DTP also welcomes applications from students who have already commenced doctoral study. Students may apply for funding for the remainder of their study if, at the start of their ESRC Award (Oct 2020), they will have at least 50% of the period of study remaining (excluding the writing-up period).

If you are still undertaking your degree, please ensure that your DTP Administrator is informed of the date when your result will be known. The UBEL DTP will not be able to offer you more than a conditional studentship unless you have confirmed your degree result.


For queries relating to ESRC applications to any of the five institutions please contact ubel-dtp@ucl.ac.uk.