Hiba Sameen (2019 Cohort)



About myself: I’m an economist that has worked in the UK Civil Service and the research sector for the last 8 years, after completing my Masters in Economics from the University of Essex. Previously, I completed an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from the American University in Cairo. Most recently, I’ve been working as an Economic Advisor in the Department of Health and Social, advising on various policy areas related to medicines and pharmacy.

My research: My research interests lie in contracting and innovation, specifically focussed on healthcare markets. The central research question I hope to address is how contracting arrangements between a single-payer healthcare provider (such as a government) and the pharmaceutical industry impact incentives to develop new pharmaceutical drugs, focusing investigation on the National Health Service in England. In general, I am interested in the industrial organisation of the pharmaceutical sector, and how it is shaped by large government contracts.

The difference my research makes: As life-expectancy increases, health spending has grown rapidly as well. Much of this increase in health spending is attributed to the continued development and development of new pharmaceutical drugs. My research aims to empirically disentangle drivers of increasing expenditure on pharmaceutical drugs in healthcare and study the interaction with contracting mechanisms and pricing. To ensure the affordability of healthcare systems, understanding the role of pharmaceutical expenditures is key. Ultimately, the aim of this research is to devise contracting mechanisms to develop welfare-enhancing and cost-effective health technologies.

Supervisors: Walter Beckert, Arina Nikandrova


“Access to finance for innovative SMEs since the financial crisis” Research Policy, Volume 44, Issue 2, March 2015, Pages 370-380 – with Neil Lee and Marc Cowling