Pathway Leader:

Dr Andrew Harris

Team members:
Prof Nick Tyler
Dr Thomas Oléron Evans
Ava Fatah 

Pathway Institution Training Route 1+3 2+3 +3 +4
Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space UCL Smart Cities and Urban Analytics
UCL Spatial Data Science and Visualisation
UCL Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities
UCL Transport
UCL Transport and City Planning
UCL Urban Studies

The Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space pathway undertakes methodologically innovative, cross-disciplinary research into cities, the built environment and complex urban socio-spatial phenomena. The pathway is comprised of four Departments and Centres at UCL: the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), the Urban Laboratory, the Space Syntax Laboratory and Transport@UCL. It has six intersecting main areas of activity that directs its research:

  1. Housing and spatial justice
  2. Transport and mobility
  3. Ecology, health and metabolism
  4. Change and crisis
  5. Imagination, design and architectural space
  6. Data and places

This pathway equips students with a rich tool set for interdisciplinary analysis of social and spatial issues, drawing on innovative methodological expertise across quantitative and qualitative domains.

+3 and 1+3 studentships are available, for both full and part-time students. Potential PhD students should liaise first with the following members of staff, dependent on the primary supervisor and/or MSc programme being applied to:

UCL Urban Lab; MSc Urban Studies – Dr Andrew Harris

UCL CASA; MSc Smart Cities and Urban Analytics, MSc Spatial Data Science and Visualisation – Dr Thomas Oléron Evans

UCL Space Syntax; MSc Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities – Ava Fatah

Transport@UCL; MSc Transport Planning, MSc Transport – Prof Nick Tyler