Pathway Leader:

Stephen Frosh

Team members:

Ben Gidley

Margarita Palacios

Pathway Institution Training Route 1+3 2+3 +3 +4
Psychosocial Studies BBK Psychoanalytic Studies
BBK Psychosocial Studies

Psychosocial Studies is a new interdisciplinary field that is concerned with the interconnections between individual subjectivities, group identities, and historical and contemporary social and political formations. Its distinctive approach to research draws on a range of critical frameworks including psychoanalytic theory, social theory, feminist and queer theory, cultural and post-colonial studies and qualitative psychosocial methodologies.  Research interests lie in interdisciplinary areas such as violence, state violence and war; intimacy, parenting, care, friendship and love; learning and higher education; human rights, citizenship and social movements; embodiment; communities and collective life; ‘race’ and racism; empire and post coloniality; religion and diaspora; gender and sexuality; youth and ageing; and mental health and psychotherapy.

The Psychosocial training route is based at Birkbeck College. Students take two compulsory core ‘methods’ modules, Intermediate Quantitative Social Research and Qualitative Social Research plus two further modules from the discipline-specific masters programmes in Psychosocial Studies or Psychoanalytic Studies.. As part of their subject specific Psychosocial Studies training, students will also participate in the Psychosocial Studies Research Methods course that provides a systematic introduction to psychosocial methodologies (including archival research methods, narrative analysis, discourse analysis and ethnography as well as ethics training).

These modules will all be taken in year 1 of the 1+3 mode (years 1 and 2 of part time study). Students who have already completed a Masters and are accepted onto the +3 mode will still be expected to take the Psychosocial Studies Research Methods course in their first year, and will be encouraged to audit appropriate modules from available programmes.

Potential PhD students should apply to the department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck (, however there is range of possible inter-institutional supervisory arrangements with UEL and UCL.