About me: I am a social scientist researcher and activist focusing on issues of gender based violence and health, with special interest in issues pertaining to migrant and refugee health, including human trafficking, forced labor, exploitative labor recruitment and trafficking and sexual violence in emergencies. I am also interested in exploring the use of computational methods (currently learning agent-based modeling and network analysis techniques) to research the complex systems these human rights violations and public health concerns are embedded within.

About my research: My PhD research explores the impact of social networks and the presence of labour intermediary agent networks on prospective labour migrants’ migration, work and recruitment pathway decisions in the South and Southeast Asian context (India, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand).

Supervisors: Dr Cathy Zimmerman  and Dr Ligia Kiss 


Safer labour migration and community-based prevention of exploitation: The state of the evidence for programming (2015)

Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in settings affected by armed conflicts in Africa, Asia and the Middle East: systematic review (2016)

Gender Based Violence Research Methodologies in Humanitarian Settings — An Evidence Review and Recommendations (2017)

Violence, uncertainty, and resilience among refugee women and community workers: An evaluation of gender-based violence case management services in the Dadaab refugee camps

Pathway: Health and Welfare

Location: LSHTM