The Health and Welfare grouping comprises four disciplinary pathways: Demography, Health and Wellbeing, Life Course and Social Epidemiology, and Mental Health and Mental Health Care.

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 Health and Wellbeing  
Alys McAlpine (2017 Cohort)
Exploring determinants of different forms of human trafficking and migrant labour exploitation to inform prevention interventions
Prof Cathy Zimmerman
Lauren Redfern (2017 Cohort)
Testosterone: An Ethography
Simon Cohn
Maddy Pearson (2018 Cohort)
Beyond the bugs, beyond the binaries: Re-imagining human microbe relations through a ‘living with’ approach to hygiene and sanitation.
Dr Clare Chandler
Manon Haemmerli
Evaluating equity in health systems financing in Indonesia – a mixed methods study
Virginia Wiseman
Life Course and Social Epidemiology
Keishia Taylor (2017 Cohort)
How do neighbourhood deprivation and neighbourhood mixing affect mental wellbeing among older adults? A longitudinal cross-country comparison between Ireland and England
Dr Stephen Jivraj
Liam Wright (2017 Cohort)
The Effects of Youth Unemployment on Later Life Mental Health
Prof Jenny Head
Orlagh Carroll (2017 Cohort)
Developing strategies for handling missing data in time-to-event analyses: Incorporating variable selection, variable transformation and time-varying.
Dr Ruth Keogh
Jialan Hong (2018 Cohort)
The association between social circumstances and oral health amongst older Chinese adults
Professor Richard Watt
Alex Rhodes (2018 Cohort)
EMPOWER: Educating, Motivating, Empowering and supporting Women to achieve healthy gestational weight gain through Educational Resources
Clare Llewellyn
Sara Tofiq (2018 Cohort)
Investigating the interrelationship between green space, deprivation and parental mental health on child development
Prof Yvonne Kelly
Mikaela Bloomberg (2019 Cohort)
The association between sex and dementia.
Dr Archana Singh-Manoux
Christine Carter (2019 Cohort)
Active ageing and the concept of limitless rather than limited ageing.
Prof Paul Higgs
Mental Health and Mental Health Care
Christian Dalton-Locke (2017 Cohort)
How do Mental Health Supported Accommodation Services Contribute to the Rehabilitation Care Pathway?
Prof Helen Killaspy
Hannah Scott (2017 Cohort)
People bereaved by suicide and support from their family and friends
Dr Bryn Lloyd-Evans
Jessica Bone (2017 Cohort)
The role of learning about social approval and disapproval in adolescent depression
Prof Glyn Lewis
Lucy Webster (2017 Cohort)
The persistence, causes, and consequences of sleep disturbances in people with dementia living in care homes
Prof Gill Livingston
Tayla McCloud (2017 Cohort)
Depression and anxiety in undergraduate students: a longitudinal prospective cohort study of the university experience
Prof Glyn Lewis
Elisavet Pappa (2018 Cohort)
Understanding Illusory Social Experiences in Psychosis: Phenomenology, Cognitive Mechanisms and Impact on Social Functioning
Dr Vaughan Bell
Aaron Kandola (2018 Cohort)
To investigate the relationship between physical activity and diet with depressive symptoms, and their potential role in the prevention and treatment
Prof David Osborn
Daisy McInnerney (2018 Cohort)
Emotional disclosure as a form of therapeutic intervention on health-related outcomes of people with progressive, advanced, chronic diseases
Prof Paddy Stone
Jessica Rees (2018 Cohort)
Social and psychological factors affecting primary care planning effectiveness in people with dementia and other long term conditions
Prof Claudia Cooper
Brendan Hallam (2019 Cohort)
A mixed methods study on reducing dementia risk in UK Primary Care.
Prof Kate Walters
Lucy Mitchinson (2019 Cohort)
The benefits of complementary therapies in Palliative care.
Professor Paddy Stone