Pathway Leaders:
Paul Iverson

Team members:
Birkbeck: Jean Marc Dewaele
SOAS (Linguistics): Dr Yan Jiang
UCL (Applied Linguistics): Prof Andrea Revesz: (
UCL (Language and Cognition): Dr Merle Mahon (
UCL (Linguistics): Prof Ad Neeleman (
UCL (Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences): Prof Paul Iverson (

Pathway Institution Training Route 1+3 2+3 +3 +4
Linguistics BBK / UCL Applied Linguistics (BBK)
BBK Intercultural Communication
SOAS Language Documentation and Description
UCL Language Sciences
BBK Language Teaching
SOAS Linguistics
UCL Speech, Language and Cognition

Linguistics training is based in UCL, Birkbeck and SOAS, covering a broad range of specialisms from experimental speech and language sciences, quantitative and corpus linguistics, fieldwork-based language documentation and description, language acquisition and disorders, to critical discourse analysis, language policy and practice, language education and intercultural communication. Together we represent one of the largest, if not the largest, groupings in Linguistics in the UK and the world. With an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, we are united in our commitment to understanding how human beings in diverse linguistic and cultural contexts communicate and develop their linguistic and communicative competence to meet the challenges of the multilingual world, thus providing ample opportunities for joint supervision. The Linguistics Pathway offers nine routes distributed across the three partners, including 1+3, +3 and +4 structures offered on both a full-time and part-time basis. All have advanced research training components, including quantitative methods training. Interested students should first approach potential supervisors or graduate tutors at the relevant institution. For more information, please contact the partner college in the first instance: