Pathway Leaders:
Nathan Moore:

Rachel Dobson:

Team members:
Philippe Cullet
Vanja Hamzić

Pathway Institution Training Route 1+3 2+3 +3 +4
Law and Socio-legal Studies BBK Criminology
SOAS Law & Socio-Legal Studies
BBK Socio-legal Studies (Human Rights)

Law, Socio-legal Studies and Criminology in the consortium are based within the School of Law at Birkbeck and SOAS. Together they are nationally and internationally renowned centres of legal and criminological scholarship, both within the top 10 law schools in the UK. Birkbeck Law has a reputation for pioneering new fields of legal scholarship offering a strong critical, theoretically-driven and dynamic research culture. SOAS Law has unmatched expertise in national legal systems of the developing world and the relationship between law globalisation and the enduring colonial heritage, as well as comparative, transnational and international law. Staff in the Schools have a breadth of expertise and research interests including: law and architecture; law and aesthetics; law and psychoanalysis; theological origins of legal thought; law and evidential image; critical criminology and criminal justice; corruption and political violence; postcolonial legal criticism; critical race theory; human rights; economic and commercial law; law and development; dispute resolution; environmental law; law and gender; regional and religious laws; and law, culture and society. The Law and Socio-legal Studies pathway offers three routes covering different aspects of our research, two based at Birkbeck, Socio-legal Studies (Human Rights) and Criminology, and one at SOAS, Law. All will be available to DTP students in 1+3 and +3 structures. All 1+3 structures will be based on flexible MRes programmes, allowing students to follow disciplinary and methods training in accordance with their research interests. Potential applicants should apply first to the department of their choice using the normal application procedure. They are encouraged to contact possible supervisors and pathway leads.