Pathway Leader:

Rebecca Sear

Team members:

PathwayInstitutionTraining Route1+32+3+3
DemographyLSHTMDemography and Health
 Reproductive and Sexual Health 

The UCL, Bloomsbury and East London DTP includes one of the UK’s leading centres for research in demography and population studies at LSHTM. The School is host to a highly interdisciplinary and internationally renowned group of researchers, who work on a wide range of population issues, in both low and high income contexts. We have strong programmes of research in maternal, reproductive and sexual health, the demographic impact and mathematical modelling of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, family demography, evolutionary demography, health inequalities, global health and the burden of disease. Our methods span quantitative techniques, including advanced demographic and statistical methods, and qualitative work; and we work on both basic and applied research.

Demography pathway students may take one of two routes – Demography or Reproductive & Sexual Health – which are available full-time or part-time, and as 1+3 or +3 studentships. Additionally, the Demography route offers the opportunity for students to spend a year at the European Doctoral School of Demography (, which provides excellent training in the quantitative methods used in demography. We currently host several Advanced Quantitative Methods students, though not all our students do highly quantitative projects. While many demographers at the School are based in the Population Studies Group ( in the Department of Population Health, Demography pathway students have the opportunity to be supervised by relevant supervisors in other departments; for example, those associated with the Centre for Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health ( There are also opportunities for students to be co-supervised by appropriate staff members at other institutions within the DTP. Please email for more details.