Emilia Weber (2016 Cohort)



About me: Before starting my doctoral studies I completed an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow. I then went on to work with theatre company Untitled Projects where I was assistant director and researcher on a number of large-scale experimental performances. Alongside my work with Untitled Projects I developed the performance and film lecture There They Carved a Space that examines the relationship between landscape, politics and memory. In 2016 I joined the Geography Department at UCL where I undertook an ESRC-funded MSc in Urban Studies.

Research: My doctoral project, provisionally titled ‘Performances of Politics, Power and Resistance in the UK’ mobilises performance studies to analyse the spatial politics of state-sponsored ceremony and citizen-led protest in the UK. Drawing on a range of literatures and employing qualitative ethnographic methods, this project traces the spatial dynamics of protest and ceremony via three events: the community-led reopening of Northern Ireland border roads in 1990, the Liverpool Dockers’ Anniversary Demonstration 1996, and via public performances by the Red Arrows in 2019. The project’s contention is that addressing the relationship between politics and performance will cross disciplinary boundaries to provide new ways to expose the hegemony of political representation in state ceremonies, and to disclose the emancipatory potential of new social spaces produced via protest.

Supervisors: Dr Tariq Jazeel and Dr Andrew Harris

Pathway: Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space

Location: UCL Department of Geography 

Email: emilia.weber.16@ucl.ac.uk