Health and Wellbeing

Pathway Leader:
Andrew Hutchings

Team members:
Simon Cohn
Jonathan Smith
Corinne Squire


Pathway Institution Training Route MA, MSc and MRes Programme(s) 1+3 2+3 +3 +4
Health and Wellbeing LSHTM Health Economics MSc Public Health (Health Economics)
Social Science Approaches in Public Health and Health Services Research MSc Public Health (Health Services Research)
BBK Psychological Approaches to Health and Wellbeing MSc Psychological Research Methods


The Health and Wellbeing pathway involves LSHTM, Birkbeck and UEL and offers three training routes. The Health Economics and the Social Science Approaches in Public Health & Health Services Research routes are based at LSHTM and are available as 1+3, +3 or +4 studentships. The Psychological Approaches to Health & Wellbeing route is based at Birkbeck and 1+3 and +3 studentships are available. Co-supervision and training in qualitative methods, particularly narrative research, is available at UEL. LSHTM has a global reputation for public health research in high-, middle-, and low-income settings and the Faculty of Public Health and Policy – which is made up of three large interdisciplinary departments and over 150 social scientists – conducts a wide range of research using the full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Large official research centres reflect the thematic orientation (e.g. the Centre for Evaluation, the Gender Violence and Health Centre). Birkbeck’s Department of Psychological Sciences complements the work conducted at LSHTM and has world class researchers in the psychology of health and wellbeing, offering a wide range of methodological expertise. Within the department there are two principal research groups in health and wellbeing. The Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Research Group acts as a hub for a wide range of national and international activities and resources, and conducts research in the psychology of health and wellbeing. The Institute for the Study of Children, Families, and Social Issues conducts major funded evaluations of programmes and policy initiatives that address national and international priorities in education, child and family health, and parenting support aimed at providing evidence to inform social policy. The Centre for Narrative Research at UEL is the leading centre for narrative work in the social sciences. The centre runs ‘narrative methods’ training days and symposia and several Masters level modules in narrative research and analysis.

Contact details: For LSHTM routes potential applicants should email For the Birkbeck route potential applicants should email