Apply for an ESRC Studentship

Competition for ESRC Studentships for will be open on the 8th October 2018. (The Portal will be live)

The deadline to submit a preliminary application is Tuesday 8th January 2019 and the deadline for those  invited to submit a full application will be Monday 4th March 2019.

Please note that applicants are responsible to complete all sections of the form even if the information comes from the supervisor.

Preliminary and Full applications can be made via the portal here

The UBEL DTP’s fully-funded ESRC studentships cover:

  • Full payment of tuition fees per year (including masters and training years for 1+3; 2+3 and +4 studentships)
  • Annual maintenance stipend (full-time: £16,777 and part-time: £10,066 for 2018/9)

Studentships are available across the UBEL DTP institutions and research topics need to fall under any of the pathways available at the DTP. Before applying, students should make sure that they have checked the pathway information and made contact with their prospective department.

How to Apply

Groupings & Pathways


For further advice or guidance relating to UCL-based studentships (excluding UCL Institute of Education) please contact

For queries relating to UCL Institute of Education, LSHTM, SOAS and Birkbeck, please contact