Bethany Elce (2017 Cohort)

Bethany Elce

About me: My background is interdisciplinary, covering Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity studies along with French and African Studies. I am currently working with the centre for Gender Studies at SOAS. My PhD project is born out of personal experience of both teaching and volunteering in Malawi, Burkina Faso, Lebanon and Palestine. These experiences led me to a curiosity about the imperial legacies which cling to the bodies of British volunteers as they show up to engage in political and humanitarian activism in Britain’s former colonies.

My research project will be taking a gendered lens to investigate the role of human rights monitors who travel to Palestine to witness daily life under military occupation. I intend to pay particular attention to the gendered power dynamics which are at play in the encounters between Palestinians and British volunteers. My hope is that this research will help civil society groups working in Palestine and elsewhere in the global south to reflect on their relations with, and impact on host communities.

Supervisors: Dr Ruba Salih, Dr Hagar Kotef

Pathway; Gender and Sexuality

Location: Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS


Personal Homepage/Twitter/Social Media contact details: blogging at: Twitter: @any1elce