Yuyan Jiang (2018 Cohort)

Yuyan Jiang

About me/education; I am currently a first-year PhD student at the Department of Social Science in UCL. I also did my master programme in Quantative Research Methods here. Prior to this, I completed my MA in Economics and Finance at University of Aberdeen in Scotland and BA in English at Wuhan University in China.

My research; Although a large body of research has investigated the impact of EMA on the participation, retention and achievement in secondary school, there is very little literature exploring the long-term effect of EMA. My research is planning to use the Next Steps and Our Future datasets and adopt quasi-experimental methods, such as regression discontinuity design, propensity score matching and entropy balancing. It will contribute to the existing literature by providing more evidence on the long-term impact of EMA since its roll-out nationally and its comparison with the impact of the policy that has replaced it (16-19 Bursary Fund) and CCT programmes in other countries.

Supervisors: Dr Gillian Wyness, Dr Nikki Shure

Pathway: Quantitative Social science

Location: UCL Department of Social Science

Tel: 07422587977

Email: stnvyji@ucl.ac.uk