Economic and Quantitative Analysis

The Economic and Quantitative Analysis grouping comprises two disciplinary pathways: Economics and Quantitative Social Science.

Use the links below to view profiles of our current students:

Alex Clyde
Behavioural Economics and Optimal Taxation
Professor Rani Spiegler
Andrea Smurra
Informal Taxation in Myanmar: Equity, Efficiency and Tax Morale
Prof Imran Rasul
Attila Katona
An analysis of the interrelationship between credit market dynamics and macroeconomic fluctuations
Prof Stephen Wright
Elena Ashtari Tafti
NHS and the relationship between competition and innovation
Dr Marcos Vera Hernández
Nikhil Datta
Essays in Labour Economics: Theoretical and empirical assessments of the evolving labour market
Prof Uta Shönberg
Riccardo D’Adamo
Robust inference in high-dimensional econometrics
Dr Martin Weidner
Uta Bolt
A shaken view? Evidence on risk perceptions and insurance choices using Japanese earthquake data
Prof Ian Preston
Quantitative Social Science
Maximiliane Verfuerden
The feasibility of reactivating dormant clinical trial data in England:a proof-of-concept-study on the reactivation of dormant randomised controlled trials using linked administrative data.
Prof Lorraine Dearden
Selina Patel
Developing measures of antibiotic prescribing quality in hospital
Dr Laura Shallcross