Cognition, Language and Learning

The Cognition, Language and Learning grouping comprises two disciplinary pathways: Linguistics and Psychology.

Use the links below to view profiles of our current students:

Gwijde Maegherman (2017 Cohort)
The cognitive and neural substrates of inhibition of speech
Dr Patti Adank
Josephine Bowerman (2017 Cohort)
The Development of Pragmatic Competence in Metonymy and Metaphor Processing
Prof Robyn Carston
Lucy Hughes (2017 Cohort)
Better Conversations with Children: development and evaluation of a new intervention for children with language disorder
Prof Wendy Best
Peter Browning (2017 Cohort)
ELT in the times of Peace Education in Colombia: A linguistic ethnograthy of the classroom practice of ELT practitioners working under Colombia Bilingue
Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans
Magda Rojas Mora (2018 Cohort)
How a bilingual environment influences the development of the auditory cortex in children with cochlear implants
Prof Paul Iverson
Ria Bernard (2018 Cohort)
Social, emotional and mental health profiles of children who stammer
Prof Courtenay Norbury
Dora Kokosi (2017 Cohort)
Socioeconomic differences in child cognitive outcomes: The role of inflammation
Prof Einni Flouri
Matthew Kirkman (2017 Cohort)
Evaluating the role of pre-morbid educational attainment, socioeconomic status, and genetics on cognitive outcome variability in patients with low grade brain tumours
Prof Andrew Tolmie
Olga Sutskova
Attentional and perceptual processing of the real-world communication, and learning within rich natural environments
Dr Tim J Smith
Selma Coecke (2017 Cohort)
The role of spatiotemporal, probability and language skills in facilitating understanding of causation
Prof Andrew Tolmie
Sonia-Cristina Codreanu (2017 Cohort)
The development and validation of an Entrepreneurial Judgements Test
Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu
Nadia Neesgaard (2017 Cohort)
Gaze behaviour during natural parent-child interaction
Dr Tim J Smith
Chloe Austerberry (2018 Cohort)
Evocative effects of genetic influences underlying language and cognitive development on children’s home and school learning environments
Prof Pasco Fearon
Xiaoliang Luo (2018 Cohort)
Unsupervised Deep learning for Human Cognition
Prof Bradley Love