Markus Löning (2017 Cohort)

About me: Markus holds an Master’s degree in Economics & Philosophy from Bayreuth University, Germany, with a strong focus on econometrics and statistical methods. He spent six month at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain as an Erasmus student. Previously, he completed a B.A. Hons. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Lancaster University.

My research: Coordinated by the Consumer Data Research Centre, his research is focused on bridging modern computational statistical methods and social science research. In particular, his research combines and analyses conventional and new consumer data sources in order to harness geodemographic insight with the help of data science and machine learning tools. The main goal is to better understand the representativeness of consumer data of the underlying population and to leverage their relative strengths for different social science applications. In addition, his research draws on spatial microsimulation methods.

Supervisor: Professor Paul Longley and Dr James Cheshire

Pathway: Human Geography

Location: UCL Department of Geography


Department profile: Markus Löning

LinkedIn: M Loning

GitHub: M Loning

Twitter: @mm_loening