Jess Whelligan (2018 Cohort)


Jess Whelligan

About me/education; I completed my degree in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Bristol and then went on to study an MA in International Law at SOAS. After graduating I worked as a researcher in the area of international labour and trade union rights for a number of years, focusing particularly on informal work and worker education.

My research; I’ll be doing inter-disciplinary research into the implementation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in the cities of developing countries with a focus on labour movements.

In asking whether BRTs are fit for purpose (is BRT really a ‘win-win’ solution for governments, the environment and the poor, as claimed by its proponents?) my research will contribute to critical debates surrounding the provision of public transport in the rapidly growing cities of the Global South, as well as to broader debates surrounding what ‘just transitions’ from informal to formal work might look like.

My PhD is a collaborative project between the Department of Development Studies, SOAS and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Location: Department of Development Studies, SOAS.

Pathway: International Development


Supervisors: Dr Matteo Rizzo (SOAS) and  Alana Dave (ITF)