Cities, Environment and Development

The Cities, Environment and Development grouping comprises five disciplinary pathways: Human Geography; International Development; Social and Policy Studies of Energy and the Environment; Urban Planning and Project Management; and Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space.

Use the links below to view profiles of our current students:

Human Geography
Evelina Gambino
‘A Stretched-Out Hand between Europe and Asia’. Logistical Infrastructure and National Imaginations in Contemporary Georgia
Prof Andrew Barry
Markus Löning
Understanding the new digital retail landscape
Prof Paul Longley
Terje Trasberg
A scale-based analysis of retail store location profitability
Prof Paul Longley
International Development
Ellen Goodwin
Building inter-communal trust through faith partnerships for aid delivery
Dr Michael Jennings
Ian Ross
Economic evaluation of an urban sanitation intervention in Maputo, Mozambique
Dr Giulia Greco
Miriam Orcutt
The mental health and psychosocial impact for Syrian refugees fleeing protracted conflict: an in-depth analysis of the stages of transition and health
Prof Ibrahim Abubakar
Nikolett Watson-Puskás
Wellbeing, placemaking and the right for environmental justice via cultural creative communities
Prof Henrietta Moore
Social and Policy Studies of Energy and the Environment
Luke Bevan
How do different disciplinary communities understand the limitations of modeling in international climate change and energy research?
Prof Arthur Petersen
Luke Taft
Reconfiguring Thermal Comfort in Offices
Ms Michelle Shipworth
Urban Planning and Project Management
Emily Miles
Improving gender balance in the leadership of major projects through ‘whole systems’ change
Prof Caren Levy
Urban Studies, Transport and Architectural Space
Rebecca Payne
Students in London: Universities, Knowledge Economy and the Urban Experience
Dr Andrew Harris